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PackIt - Best Packing List App

4.6 ( 3696 ratings )
Reizen Productiviteit
Developer: Ninuk Software
2.99 USD

*** Featured as a top travel packing app by AT&Ts Apps on Apps on Apps ***

Tired of creating a packing list or trying to remember what to bring on trips? Frustrated with packing apps that dont get the job done? Buying stuff on your trips that you left behind at home? PackIt costs as much as the tube of toothpaste you forgot to bring; it will pay for itself in a single trip!

PackIt is the ultimate packing app for quickly and smartly creating a list of items to pack on your trips. It has a wizard for creating trips and a wizard for initially setting up the app, guiding you through these processes. Other packing apps create long, unwieldy lists from pre-defined templates that rarely match what people want to pack for a trip. Simply select the people going on the trip, and a packing list is automatically created for you!!!

PackIt automatically adjusts the quantity of items based on the length of the trip!!! Easily configure common bags based on the weather, gender, and other features you can customize.

1) Need to add a new traveler to your trip?

Simply add that traveler to the trip and all the kits for that traveler are automatically added to the trip IN A SINGLE TAP!!!

2) Need to change the length of a trip?

There is no need to go into the trip and change the quantity of socks, underwear, shirts, and pants. PackIt will automatically recalculate these quantities IN A SINGLE TAP!!! Simply change the dates on your trip -- DONE!

3) Decide to add some extra equipment to your "Camping Stuff" kit?

Suppose you have 3 trips planned that include the "Camping Stuff" kit. There is no need to go to each trip and add the items!!! Simply add the new items to the "Camping Stuff" kit ONCE and all of your trips are instantly updated with the new items.

4) Want to see the bags that are being taken on the trip?

Use multi-touch gestures identical to the way you zoom in and out of a photo. Zoom out by pinching two fingers together and see a list of the bags!!! Zoom back in to see the detail of all items in the bags!!! EASY!!!

Easily search items and quickly find what you want!!! Other packing apps require scrolling down long lists, which is tedious and time consuming. Tap the top of the screen in PackIt and type in a few characters for the item; items matching automatically appear, ready to be selected.

PackIt will save you time and money! It will pay for itself in a single trip! Avoid being the person that doesnt have PackIt. They will have to:

• Buy cheap sunglasses because they left the favorite pair at home on the counter
• Walk down to the front desk of the hotel to get the cheap toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste they forgot to pack in the toiletry bag
• Call the doctor to get an emergency prescription filled since they left it in the medicine cabinet at home
• Buy that special cable to charge their phone, because they left it plugged in the wall next to the bed
• Run buy socks early in the morning for their kid just before a travel sporting event
• Rent golf clubs or demo tennis rackets so they can have fun on their vacation trip
• Buy their kid a bicycle helmet, because they left it in the garage back home
• Buy PackIt and avoid these hassles and added expenses!!!

Download PackIt today!!!